The Kill List Vol 3 (February 22nd)

The Kill List is where you’ll find the things I’ve enjoyed reading, listening to and watching recently. So many great things are going on in horror journalism right now that it’s easy for some stuff to fall through the cracks.

This week, we’ll tackle horror comics, Evil Dead games and, yes, more reading material for Horror Noire. Finally, we’ll watch a fantastic short film. And we top it off with a shameless plug for one of my reviews that got me called a homophobic slur before washing the pain away with a fantastically catchy song.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this week’s edition. And if you do, please let me know.

Here we go!

Reading List

The Horror Noire Syllabus

One of these days I’ll stop talking about Horror Noire, but today is not one of those days. If you’re like me and you watched the documentary, but then wanted to know more and watch more, well take a gander here. Ashlee and fellow co-producers Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman and Tananarive Due present a syllabus of literature, feature films, short films, web series and non-fiction that is incredibly deep and will keep you busy for some time.

Horror Unlimited: The Terror of WEREWOLF BY NIGHT

Ryan Larson has a new column at Dread Central that tackles Marvel horror titles, characters and storylines. This debut column features a character named Werewolf by Night and it’s fascinating.

[We Love ’90s Horror] ‘Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight’ is an Undeniable Genre Classic

Drew Dietsch looks back on the excellence of Demon Knight (which you might remember mentioned in Horror Noire). I really dug this article and it makes me want to revisit the movie, which I don’t think I’ve seen since the 90s. It also reminds me that while the 90s is usually maligned on the horror movie front, there’s still some fantastic genre gems.

Underrated ‘The Hills Run Red’ Was an Excellent Meta Slasher That Deserved Its Own Franchise

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen The Hills Run Red. The cover looked cheap and I thought it was a basic dump to DVD. But Patrick Bromley has ignited my curiosity in it and I think I’ll be visiting this film soon.

Armies of Darkness: A Look At Ash Williams’ Groovy Video Game Adventures

This was like a trip through memory lane. I played through some of these games and Matthew Ortiz brought back a lot of those memories. Great stuff. Give it a read.

Watch List

Third Date

Color me impressed! Volume 3 should have posted last week, but then last week happened. It’s the perfect short for Valentine’s Day, but there’s never a bad time for a great, unique spin on horror.

It begins with a man, huddled behind furniture while a woman screams in the background. A shadowy hand reaches out and hands him a melting ice cream sandwich. And then we’re off on a date with two potential romantics, meeting for a third date. But they both seem to have secrets.

Third Date was written and directed by Avishai Weinberger and this fantastic short film began life as his senior thesis and the result is professional in terms of camerawork, acting and creature effects.

Is it wrong I feel oddly attracted to the monster in this? Judge for yourself, give the short film some love and then follow Avishai on Twitter and shower him with praise. He wants to turn this into a feature film and from what he’s told me, it’d be a very dark, twisted romance. I’ve babbled enough; just go watch it.

Shameless Self Promotion

The House that Lars Built

I was going to post my review for Piercing, which kind of landed with a flop this week. But instead, I decided to link to my, I guess infamous(?) review that resulted in my first hate mail, where I was called a homophobic slur.  So every click on this review makes me feel just a little more vindicated. And I’d appreciate your eyeballs on it.

And if you reaaaaallly want to, well, this giallo-Audition-like little gem is still sitting there so don’t make it jam scissors into its leg for attention.

Song of the Week


This new band with a too-long name feels like a throwback to the alt rock era that featured the likes of My Chemical Romance. It’s catchy and it’s been stuck in my head all week.