About gayly dreadful

Hey! I’m Terry and this is my site. I’d been thinking about starting Gayly Dreadful before it even had a name. I’ve written at a number of places, all of which seem to have vanished from the web. The biggest place was the CAD-Media offshoot of the Ctrl+Alt+Del comic. You can still find my articles in the Wayback Machine for that site.

The goal of Gayly Dreadful is simple: to promote LGBTQ+ voices in genre writing. As of right now, this site is solely run by me. Unless something drastic changes in the future, I anticipate it being a completely ad-free experience. As such, I can’t really offer much in the way of compensation; but if you identify as queer and want to write an article about something genre related, hit me up and we'll talk. Right now, I'll probably suggest we save the article for Pride month as I'm planning something for that. But let's talk.

If you enjoy the art, you should follow the artist on Twitter. She's an amazing person and great to work with. You can also follow me on Twitter and while you're here, add me on Letterboxd.

So, please take a look around. I hope you find something funny or entertaining or thought-provoking.

Or if not, at least you got a sexy Freddy.