The Kill List Vol 1 (February 1st)

This is a new thing I’m trying. With so many great things going on in horror journalism right now, it's easy for some stuff to fall between the cracks. And one of the things I like doing is signal boosting things I’ve enjoyed reading, listening to and watching.

Enter The Kill List, a title I'm currently playing with. If you can think of a snappier title please let me know. I'm open to suggestions. And if you what I'm doing with this article, please let me know. Is this something you want to see? I’ll check responses and website hits to see and if it’s popular enough I might make it a thing.

Without further adieu!

Reading List

Toni Collette: The Matriarch of Modern Horror

Meagan Navarro digs into Toni Collette’s role in Hereditary but then goes into her past and her work with the horror genre. Considering she got snubbed by the Oscars, it’s a nice balm for the sting.

How Resident Evil 2 fell apart, then became one of Capcom’s biggest hits

Alex Aniel looks at the history of Resident Evil 2 and how it almost ended up a disaster. With the remake finally releasing, it’s interesting to look back on what is arguably the best game in the franchise.

Why Glass Twist May Feel Unsatisfying

I didn’t like Glass. And this article does a good job of digging into why I personally think the twists and the narrative fails the characters. Obvious spoilers are obvious.

Curiosity Killed the Werewolf

Stephanie Crawford looks back at the fourth season of Tales from the Crypt and the results are interesting. I might have to revisit this show soon.

Listening List

Keanu Believe It: Episode 31

A person I really dig guests on this episode and, as someone who actually likes the third Matrix movie, I really enjoyed this episode. Give it a listen!

Horror Queers

Trace and Joe are now a few episodes deep in their podcast and it’s really coming together. If you haven’t listened to them, you’re missing out.

Kill By Kill Podcast

This podcast just started tackling the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and I couldn’t be happier. Give them a listen!

Shameless Self Promotion

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek 

I worked hard on this article and while I'm surprised at the attention it received with people at Cinestate, it didn't get a lot of views. I think it's one of my good articles and I would love it if you clicked it and gave it a read.  

Song of the Week

bury a friend — Billie Eilish

Just a warning, the video has a lot of flashing lights. But Billie Eilish is slinging some horror pop goodness and I am totally here for it. Put on some headphones and let her in.