The Kill List Vol 2 (February 8th)

The Kill List is where you’ll find the things I’ve enjoyed reading, listening to and watching recently. So many great things are going on in horror journalism right now that it’s easy for some stuff to fall through the cracks. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this week’s edition. And if you do, please let me know. Also, if you can think of a snappier title, hit me up.

Here we go!

Reading List

Black Women in Horror: An Early 2019 Edition

The ever-reliable Ashlee Blackwell provides us with a glimpse of upcoming horror shorts and features to look forward to in the upcoming year that feature black women.

Erasing Rochelle: The Importance Of Black Female Representation In The Craft

Jessica Guess talks about Rachel True’s role in The Craft, its importance to her and about the recent convention debacles. Representation matters, folk. 

GANJA & HESS: The Edge Of Extinction

Phil Nobile Jr. discusses Ganja & Hess, an incredibly important entry in black horror. A fantastic read that complements the amazing documentary Horror Noire, which you can watch RIGHT NOW on Shudder.

Gender bashing: the penetrating power of the loved ones

I loved the Loved Ones and Anya Stanley’s analysis of that movie was a fantastic and fascinating read. I particularly loved the way she compared the drill to sexual violence without depicting an explicit act. The best criticism can take a movie and shine new light on it. Make you think of it in a different way. And Anya's article did just that. Great read!

The Talented Mr. Mallory

I’m not sure if you’ve read The Woman in the Window. I haven’t. But I remember hearing about what a splash it had made in the literary world. But turns out the author’s a complete fraud. The New Yorker wrote a searing (and incredibly long) expose on him but I’m linking to a Vulture article that gives the basic gist and links to the New Yorker. Bonkers stuff.

Listening List

XOXO Horror

I love what Joe Lipsett is doing with this podcast that celebrates Women in Horror Month by talking with a bunch of prominent female horror critics. So far, he’s had Ale Gonzalez, Alex West and Ashlee Blackwell, and I can’t wait to see who’s next.

Cocktail Party Massacre 

This podcast is a fun trivia game that mixes booze and horror movies. Each episode, a guest tries to survive, Scream style, by answering trivia questions about their favorite horror film. The episode I listened to this week featured Ryan L. Terry and was about Freddy's Revenge. 

Why Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Byer

It’s not horror, but I am a multi-faceted kind of guy. Nicole (Nailed It!) is hilarious and she has guests on to talk about her dating life. The latest guest is Trixie Mattel and it was such a fun listen.

Watch List

Below the Trees

Below the trees comes from Parker Brennon and is a fantastic short film about a young woman who inherits her grandmother’s rural estate but meets an unsettling neighbor with malevolent intentions. This unsettling and creepy short is presented as a prelude to a bigger story and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Octoberpod 10 Hop Frog

Narrated by the mellifluous, deep voice of Edward October, this telling of an Edgar Allan Poe story was fantastic and features stunning illustrations by Nic Calavera. If it’s still running, make sure to vote for this for a Rondo Award. Let’s help a horror f(r)iend out!!

Shameless Self Promotion

Calibre: Or, the Increasingly Bad Decisions of Two Besties

Please give this review some love and make it skyrocket up my stats tracker.

This week I want to put focus on a movie that I think was sadly as ignored last year as my review was. Calibre was like a gut punch of a film where two friends make increasingly worse decisions and the tension continues to mount. It’s a great little film. Please click the link and give it some love. And then head over to Netflix to watch it.

Song of the Week

Heat of the Summer — Young the Giant

Young the Giant’s new album is a stunner; an album that’s grown on me the more I’ve listened to it. While I love every single song on it, this one has been stuck in my ears for weeks. Hopefully it’ll get stuck in yours. Give it a twirl.