Check This Out: In Search of Darkness: A Journey Into Iconic '80s Horror

Well this looks pretty awesome.

Back in October, there was apparently a Kickstarter that I somehow missed to crowdsource a documentary about 80s horror. Thankfully, it managed to get funded and they are now in a final push.

Starting today, March 5th, the team launched a final Indiegogo campaign in support of In Search of Darkness, which will provide horror fans with their final chance to support this landmark celebration of the one of the best decades in horror history, and experience for themselves a nostalgia-fueled roller coaster ride that will not be available after this final crowdfunding campaign concludes on Sunday, March 31st.

The documentary will feature more than 40 interviews with some amazing horror luminaries, including:

  • Casandra Peterson

  • Barbara Crampton

  • Don Mancini

  • Mick Garris

  • Sean S. Cunningham

  • Heather Langenkamp

  • Joe Dante

  • Keith David

  • Tom Holland

It’ll also feature notable writers and creators in the industry like Ryan Turek and Phil Nobile Jr. and Heather Wixson! The talent involved made me instantly back it (at the Blu Ray level with extras, natch). Here’s a trailer for the project. Give it a watch and check out the Indiegogo campaign! Again, after this campaign, this documentary won’t be available.