Check This Out: God Country Crowdfunding

So this has potential.

Modern Horrors came to me about making their first movie. It’s called God Country and it’s about fanaticism and features a gay protagonist. I’ll be honest because that’s what you expect from me. I was on the fence about mentioning this project because I wasn’t sure how LGBT characters would be portrayed. I’m always hesitant to back something that might not be in the interest of the LGBTQ community. But I spoke with Executive Producer Luke Rodriguez through Twitter and had a lot of my worries assuaged. Honestly, I’d like to see more gay protagonists in horror.

Then I got to see the teaser, and I loved the aesthetic it’s going for. It looks like a mix of fanaticism and something like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Take a look for yourself:

It looks intense and with a practical effects guy on board, I think it’ll be gruesomely and horrifically brought to life. And going for a movie in the same vein as the New French Extremity could make for an interesting juxtaposition of gore and meaning.

So the crowdfunding is now live on Seek & Spark. You can read up on Seed & Sparks’ motto here.

Check out the campaign and see what you think. You can also listen to them discuss how they came up with the idea here.

I just backed it to support indie filmmaking.