A Demonic

You may have heard, I'm going to the Telluride Horror Show in October. I'll be watching a ton of movies and writing about them all weekend. I want all the eyes on my site. All of them. 

But a website is to an audience what I am to spaghetti. It wants to devour them until they are no more...

I mean. It can't get enough of them and the more the merrier. 

Factory sealed and limited edition

Factory sealed and limited edition

Coincidentally, I have a sealed copy of Synapse Films LIMITED Steelbook Blu Rays of Demons and Demons 2. These are bound to be a collector's item eventually. They retailed for $40 a piece and were limited to a couple thousand and right now Demons is currently sold out. I'm giving away my second copy of both, still factory-sealed. 

I will give this set to one person because these are like siblings and I don't want to break up siblings. Interested? Do the following two-ish things. Ok, three things.

1) Like this tweet

2) Tweet one of my articles and TAG ME (@gaylydreadful) in it And link the article in it. This way I can see your tweet to count it. 

3) You're obviously already following me, right? I mean, right?

That's it. I'd thought about doing one of those "Follow and RT this tweet" contests that are popular, but while I do want to grow my audience and people I interact with, I don't think they're fair to those who've been following and reading for a time. So this is my compromise. 

This contest closes Sunday, September 23rd at like noon. It's only available for those in the US, unfortunately. I'll be making a list of people who've done both things and after the contest closes, I'll do a random number generator and figure out who won.

No, tweeting multiple articles of mine won't get you additional entries, so don't feel like you have to fill your timeline with my articles. Though I wouldn't argue if you shared some of my writings out of the goodness of your hearts. Have I told you how smart and beautiful and handsome you look today? 

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